Things Google knows


  • What stores I shop at and how much I spend at each
  • What credit cards I have/Which banks I use
  • Who my friends are
  • When I will not be home (from my flight confirmation emails)
  • How much I spend on gifts and for whom
  • Any social network acct I have and access to them
  • Any web app I signed up

Google Calendar

  • My social calendar : when I meet up with my friends, what we tend to do
  • My work calendar : what my meetings are about (if I use outlook sync)
  • My personal appointments (doctor visits, waxing, haircut, massage appointments)

Google Reader

  • Blogs I read
  • Blogs I pretend to read by subscribing but not actually reading
  • Blogs I deem important enough to share with others
  • My guilty pleasure blogs (blogs that I never share but read 100% of the posts)
  • Content type I love
  • Which friends’ shared items get my attention
  • The fact that I am an occasional insomniac (from the hours I use GoogleReader)

Web History (

  • Basically every web search I made

Google Maps

  • Knows my home address and my office address
  • Any new place I look up directions for
  • Any road trip I plan
  • My commute hours from my live traffic searches

Google Profile

  • Knows my real name
  • Knows where I work
  • Knows what I do for a living

There’s probably even more that I don’t realize. Isn’t it terrifying? What else does Google know about me? About you?

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