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Agreement Acknowledgement Of Debt

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3 This DEBT RECOGNITION is the unique and exclusive document that proves my overall responsibility to the creditor; (b) All defensive measures of any kind that were previously available to me under previous agreements with the creditor are expressly removed and abandoned by myself, with all the force, importance and effect; c) I/We agree that a judgment should be rendered against me within the meaning of Section 58 of The Magistrate`s Court Act No. Our presentation of the recognition of the debt agreement allows a cost-effective way to regulate almost every aspect of the recognition of the debt agreement by providing a single table at the beginning of the debt recognition agreement, which will allow you to adapt certain parts of the agreement that you wish to include, exclude or vary. 9 And I/We also confirm that this RECOGNITION of the debt must be treated as a liquid document for such purposes. Page 2 of 3 dated on .. this. Day of .. 201_ 1. (Creditor`s Signature) – (Full Creditor Name) CREDITOR 1. (Signing of the debtor) 2. (Full debtor/debtor name) DEBTOR as witnesses:As witnesses: As witnesses: 1. Thank you for starting all these pages except. Thank you for starting all the pages except these cookies. The document should be signed and dated by the fault or the representative acting on its behalf and made available to the creditor or representative acting on behalf of the creditor.

The creditor must keep the original safe, but both parties may wish for copies so that all parties can be clear about the details of the debt. 7 I/We hereright waive the benefits of the legal exceptions “non-numeratae pecuniae,” “errore calculi,” “non causa debiti” and “revision of accounts” with all the force, meaning and effect that I/We declare that I/we are fully known; 6. I/We agree that all payments should be made to: bank details debtors 7. I/We choose here joint domicilium citandi and executandi for all purposes in the sense of this RECONNAISSANCE of the debt to: Address of the creditor 8. For example, if John borrowed $2000 from Freya, Freya would be the creditor and John the debtor. In such cases, Freya may receive a confirmation of guilt from John. 6 page 2 out of 3. I agree with the jurisdiction of the Magistrate`s Court within the meaning of section 45 of Act 32 of 1944, as amended, for all intents and purposes in the sense of this recognition of the debt, but we confirm that this does not prevent the creditor from proceeding against me by another competent court; 4. I/We confirm that no act of easing, cancellation or pardon of the creditor is in any way regarded as a waiver of the creditor`s rights within the meaning of this DEBT RECOGNITION or as a renewal of that debt; 5. If you have any questions on “What is Debt Confirmation,” please contact us. 2 1.

I/We expressly confirm: (a) that all previous agreements, written or written between debtors and creditors, concluded between debtors and creditors, are, by this RECOGNITION of debt securities which, together with these other securitys that I/we can sign, constitute the only exclusive documentation that proves my overall responsibility for the creditor, unless other documents are signed by me/us.

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