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Agreement For Supply Of Electricity At High Tension

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36. a) Consumers must occasionally comply with the delivery conditions set by the MPERC in its regulations/codes, as well as in the provisions of the Electricity Act 2003, as well as any changes or new regulations to these conditions, which are in effect or can be applied from time to time, as well as the rules and regulations that are in effect from time to time or that may come into force from time to time. A copy of the regulations on “The Code of Electricity Supply, 2013” has been published by the ……… The consumer and the consumer confirm the receipt. (a) the purchaser`s supply of electricity to this person is provided by the licensee`s distribution network; I have a clue. – the increase in the contractual application must not be accompanied by remuneration of up to 150 hp, limited to the related charge, for which royalties have already been paid; (b) when the measurement is carried out on the low voltage side of the power supply, either for reasons of profitability, for reasons of high voltage, or for some other reason; The amount of electricity consumed in a month on high voltage for billing purposes is calculated by adding 3% (three percent) more, due to conversion losses according to the 2013 power code or in the pricing as it is in effect from time to time, to the total monthly amount recorded by the low voltage meter. I have a clue. The local map, attached to the application form by the applicant and verified by the licensee and verified on this basis, will be part of the agreement and both parties will sign on this card. Two power codes.

– The consumer has received and reviewed a copy of the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Supply Code 2013, including the amendments and endorsements that have been made to it from time to time, and has understood its content and is committed to complying with and complying with all the conditions set out in it. The code changed from time to time, to the extent that it is applicable, is considered part of this agreement. Any electricity supply scheme defined by the Commission is also considered part of this agreement. 34. This electric power supply agreement replaces all previous contracts for the supply of energy to the delivery of ……… Discom and the consumer: – 1 a) Subject to the following provisions and during the sustainability of this agreement, the ………… Discom provides to the consumer and the consumer is provided by the ……… Discom all the electrical energy that the consumer requires for the needs of his own use and for the above purpose in his premises, up to a maximum of:- (pp) “service line” means any power line by which the energy is or must be supplied (b) nothing in this contract or a modification of it, can limit all rights, obligations and powers that are …

…… Discom or consumer has drifted according to the law and also ……… Discom may arise from any legislation on the supply and consumption of electricity adopted during the period of the agreement. (a) if the amount charged is objected to, the consumer may make a representation to the official concerned, as indicated in the energy bill.

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