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Natural Resources Transfer Agreement Section 12

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22 It was agreed: that Honourable W.F.A. Turgeon, Judge of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, Charles M. Bowman, The City of Waterloo, In the Province of Ontario, Esquire, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada, and Fred E. Osborne, Esquire, Mayor of the City of Calgary, or, if any of his predecessors, then the other persons , appointed Commissioners under Part 1 of the Investigative Act to request and report on whether and, if so, what consideration should be paid to the province, in addition to the amounts provided in paragraph 20 of the next section, in order to put the province on an equal footing with other federal provinces with respect to the management and control of its natural resources , since entering Confederation in 1905, these commissioners should be empowered to decide what financial or other considerations are relevant to the inquiry and report to be presented to the Parliament of Canada and the legislative branch of Alberta; and if the above report recommends the payment of additional counterparties, those governments, after consultation with the governments of Canada and the province, will put in place, after the presentation of such a report, the necessary legislation to effect such an agreement. 20 Instead of the provisions of Section 1 of Section 20 of the Alberta Act, Canada will pay the province, every six months and after this agreement comes into force, an annual amount based on the province`s population determined from time to time by the night census. , 3 any power or right which, by such a contract, lease or other agreement or by an act of the Canadian Parliament, is reserved for the Governor in the Council or another official of the Government of Canada with respect to any of the lands, mines, minerals or royalties subject to it, or by a regulation adopted under such legislation. , may be exercised by a provincial government official, as determined from time to time by the legislature and, to other means, may be exercised by the provincial secretary of the province. 21 If, on the effective date of this agreement, a payment has been made under paragraph 1 of Section 20 of the Alberta Act for a semester beginning before that date, but ending after that date, a proportionate portion of the payment thus made is considered to be paid in accordance with the provisions of this Act. 8 Canada agrees that the provision in Section 4 of the Dominion Water Power Act, which is Chapter Two hundred and ten of Canada`s revised 1927 statutes, that any business is declared for the general benefit of Canada under this Act, will be repealed from the effective date of this agreement, as long as it applies to businesses located within the province; This paragraph does not affect the legislative power of the Canadian Parliament to make a statement below after the tenth head of Section 92 of the British North America Act of 1867. After lengthy negotiations, the federal government and the four provinces agreed in 1930 on a series of agreements on the transfer of natural resource management to provincial governments, known as natural resource transfer agreements. Parliament[6] and the four provincial parliaments[7] then adopted actions to implement the agreements. Finally, in 1930, the British Parliament passed the Constitution Act[8] to ratify the agreements and enshrine them in the Constitution of Canada.

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