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Sample Doctor Employment Agreement

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21. The physician acknowledges that any object created or used by him in the course of his work in the hospital or made available to him by the hospital, as well as any equipment, credit cards, books, recordings, reports, documents, manuals, documents, literature, confidential information or other materials, remain the property of the hospital at all times and at the hospital at his request, at the end or end of his activity with the hospital. CONSIDERING that the parties also agreed that an employment contract should be entered into to reflect the change in the doctor`s status, due to the self-employed contractor and to define the terms of his employment; 2. With effect at the time of full implementation by the parties, this agreement replaces all previous agreements relating to the employment of the physician and it is agreed that the conditions set out in this agreement will be the conditions of the physician`s employment with the hospital which continues from that date. 1. The terms of this agreement provide for the employment of the physician as chief of staff of the hospital in accordance with the Public Hospitalization Act (Ontario) and the hospital by-laws. 7. The physician expressly consented and understood that he is subject to the provisions of the Public Sector Compensation Act for the Protection of Public Services of 2010. If, to this end, it is necessary to amend, amend or adapt the agreement at any time so that it is in accordance with or maintained by this legislation, the hospital has the right to do so at the minimum necessary and such action by the hospital does not constitute a grounds for the right to a violation of this agreement, constructive termination or any other right. 17.

It is recognized that, in carrying out his duties, the physician acquires detailed and confidential knowledge about the hospital`s operations, staff, patients and other confidential documents and information. The physician undertakes not to use, disclose, disclose, equip, equip or make available to any person or facility confidential information, information or documents relating to the affairs and operations of the hospital, its staff or patients, or during its employment, or at a later period relating to the affairs and operations of the hospital. staff or patients, unless necessary to carry out their duties. , as required by law, or with the hospital`s prior written consent. This obligation does not prevent the physician from assuming his responsibility as a physician or college of doctors and surgeons or from performing appropriate clinical or academic tasks. 24. If a provision of this agreement is invalidated, illegal or unenforceable, it is considered separate and several of the agreement, the other provisions remain in force and are binding on the doctor and the hospital, as if this provision had not been included. 5. In the event that the physician continues to work as Chief of Staff beyond the specified duration of this agreement, in cases where the parties have not entered into or negotiated a new agreement on his employment, it is agreed that this agreement will remain in force, except (a) it is transformed into a permanent agreement. , and b) the duty to report the hospital referred to in paragraph 20 is increased by two (2) weeks, for each full year, beyond the initial duration of the agreement, from two (2) weeks, to a maximum period of twenty-four (24) months.

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