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Share Purchase Agreement Case Laws

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The terms of the sale by the sellers to the target buyer were documented by a share purchase agreement (SPA). The BSG contained standard guarantees that the sellers provided to the purchaser with respect to the 2013 legal accounts of the Target account (2013), namely: information containing a share purchase agreement, such as information provided by the company, seller and purchaser of shares, dispute settlement clause, termination, type of shares sold, number of shares sold , the price of the shares sold and payment details. For potential sellers, the turnkey grip of this case is that it is incredibly risky to give “blind” guarantees that rely only on your managers or consultants. This case also underscores the importance of the disclosure process. Sellers were fortunate that their communications with the buyer were “generally disclosed” during the transaction as part of the disclosure letter. This “general disclosure” is rarely accepted by buyers during negotiations. Had this not been the case, specific disclosure would likely have been an effective disclosure in itself. Buyers who do not perform the target company`s due diligence properly also take a significant risk. Whereas the buyer could, in this case, claim damages up to the purchase price threshold, his losses had to go well beyond the ceiling and the buyer will be blocked with those losses. Due diligence must be fully supported by the purchaser of the share purchase agreement prior to the transaction.

Even after one hundred percent due diligence and review of buyers are not satisfied, so they want the seller to give the guarantee in the stock purchase contract, but for the seller`s perspective, it is uncomfortable and distressing. The less guarantees, the better. If the agreement reaches the negotiating table, it becomes a problem for the parties. A share is a unit of ownership of the company and the number of shares held by the shareholder constitutes its shareholding in the company. This agreement includes a buyer and a seller. The buyer wishes to sell his shares in the company to the buyer. The number of shares and the price dissled would be indicated in the share purchase agreement. Prior to the share purchase agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding is established and the purchaser should perform due diligence to comply with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding and the share purchase agreement. The terms of the shareholder should have exactly the same conditions as the MEMORANDUM of Understanding. If there is a case of misrepresentation of guarantees and responsibilities, then it will be in good justice and the remedy or seller must reimburse the buyer for the same.

It is considered a less complicated transaction than an asset purchase contract. The sellers negotiated the sale of their stake in Target in Cardamon Limited (Buyer) for $2.3 million, which they consider to be highly discounted, based on (a) of the sale on an accelerated two-week basis; (b) the buyer would not perform due diligence for the destination and (c) the sellers would give the “blinded” guarantees since they were not involved in the management of the transaction.

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