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Special Service Agreement United Nations

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For administrative staff, the first order is normally scheduled for a one-year term. These temporary appointments may then be extended for up to four years, provided they are satisfactory. The terms of service of United Nations University officials are governed by the United Nations Statute and Rules and UNU personnel policy. Staff positions include academic and administrative appointments in the Professional Professional (P), National Officer (NO) and General Services (GS) categories. In this category, it gets really chaotic. First of all, there is a very wide variety of treaties and the conditions can be very different. Second, some organizations see consulting contracts, not HR contracts, and regulate them in accordance with the organization`s purchasing rules. As a general rule, these contracts have few benefits for workers. Consultant contracts are time-limited, often short-term, and often violate service rules. They generally allow for greater flexibility in wage negotiations. For example, these contracts are the Special Service Agreements (SSA), The Individual Contractors Agreement (ICA) and others.

In the “non-employee” or “consultant” category, things get complicated. First, there is a very wide variety of treaties. These contracts are generally referred to as the “Advisory Contract,” “Special Service Agreement (SSA), “Individual Contractor (IC)” or “Individual Contractor Agreement (ICA).” The terms of these contracts can vary considerably from one organization to another. In addition, more and more organizations view these contracts without staff, not as HR contracts, but as an administration according to the organization`s purchasing rules. In general, these contracts have very few benefits for workers. Consultant contracts are either temporary or deliverable and often short-term. Many organizations are in breach of service rules to prevent continued employment in non-staff contracts, but all contracts without staff have advantages because they allow more flexibility than staff contracts. The most common “regular” staff contracts are fixed-term contracts. FTA.

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