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Smart Irb Agreement

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Before joining smart IRB, check the current agreement with the institution`s officials and lawyers. To request the use of the Smart IRB Master Reliance agreement for the reliance process, it is first necessary to submit a new application for a study in eIRB+. If Northwestern is to transfer the verification to an external request from the IRB, the eIRB+ application must reflect the name of the requested IRB of Record and the use of Smart IRB for the reliance process. If Northwestern is to serve as the IRB of Record for an external IRB/Site, the question “Brief description” of the eIRB+ application should indicate that smart IRB is used for the dependency process. If you have any questions about the feasibility of the Northwestern IRB, which serves as the IRB of Record for a multi-site study or transfers verification to an external IRB, please contact Streamlined, Multisite, Accelerated Resources for Trials IRB Reliance Platform or Smart IRB was designed to harmonize and streamline the IRB evaluation process for multi-site studies, while ensuring a high level of protection for research participants. Smart IRB is not an IRB, but a reliance master`s degree in which more than 580 participating institutions participate. The smart IRB-Master Reliance agreement replaces the need for an Individual Institutionalization Agreement (ILO). Northwestern University is a participating institution of Smart IRB and this method can be used to complete the trust process for a study conducted with another institution participating in Smart IRB.

The institution and, if applicable, the IRB verifies and signs the IRB Reliance Exchange Portal Agreement, and IREx Liaisons of your institution`s Human Research Protection Program or IRB are identified. After signing the portal contract, no. While IREx recommends that all institutions use the SMART IRB agreement to support all trust agreements, IREx can be used with other trust and authorization agreements. Optimize IRB verification for multi-site studies and eliminate the time and labor burden for negotiating IRB authorization agreements for each new study. Learn more about membership today. The SMART IRB agreement is a framework agreement for the trust of the IRB signed by more than a hundred academic, commercial and clinical institutions, including OHSU. Studies can use this trust agreement on three different mechanisms: the smart IRB Online Reliance System, a Letter of Acknowledgement (LOA) or the SMART IRB Reliance Exchange (IREx) system. . . .

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