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Washington Post Mexico Agreement

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Asked about more details, Ebrard told reporters that countries in the region should “make a pact so that the number of migrants does not increase,” because if the numbers go up, the U.S. will impose the tariffs. He said a regional agreement would include Latin American countries that currently use migrants as transit points, citing Brazil, Panama and Guatemala. If the Trump administration reach an agreement with the Democrats, Canadians are likely to move forward with a vote this summer — even if it means lawmakers will be reminded of their summer vacation. Mexico City —— Mexico became the first country to ratify the new North American Free Trade Agreement wednesday when its Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the agreement to update the rules of one of the world`s largest trading blocs. The Mexican peso rose for the sixth day in a row on Wednesday as reports of a trade pact deal surfaced. “We have reached this agreement,” said Rep. Richard E. Given that there is only a third of a piece of paper above this first visible paragraph, it seems unlikely that there will be detailed guidelines on what the agreement entails. (Trump said it`s the leaf of a larger deal, for what it`s worth.) The lack of signatures from heads of state is also strange given the seriousness of the issue. But there seems to be enough agreement that Mexico will immediately be able to try to implement it – particularly subject to “national and international legal obligations” – rather than engage in new negotiations.

Minutes after being pulled out of the demolished hull of his SUV, García Harfuch himself took to Twitter to identify the group responsible for the unprecedented attempt to assassinate a prominent figure on the streets of Mexico City. “This morning we were cowardly attacked by the CJNG,” he posted. Mexican officials said next month`s meeting focused on promoting the new trade deal. He acknowledged that in 45 days, if the U.S. does not assess that progress has been made, the Trump administration will likely seek a “safe third party” deal again. However, he said Mexico had not committed to the agreement, which would have to be approved by lawmakers and likely negotiated with other countries in the region. 2. The document clearly deals with a kind of “burden-sharing” involving “refugees”.

The prevailing wisdom is that Trump, citing a secret deal, may have referred to some sort of pact with asylum rules, perhaps a “safe third country agreement” in which Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States would be detained in Mexico while their claims are processed. (This is a controversial issue in Mexico, and the Mexican government has rejected such an agreement.) This is apparently the article in this document. We don`t usually refer to asylum seekers as “refugees,” but the concept is similar. .

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