Tyler Cohen’s take on time management

Tyler Cohen has smart things to say about time management and he summed it up in one sentence. At first reading, I didn’t quite get it. But after reading it again, I got it.

If you are not managing your time well and wasting time, that is because you are doing what you want to really do, waste time.

Here is the actual post.

Original source : http://www.marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevoluti…

All people are equally good at time management, but
some people are more willing than others to admit that they are doing
what they want to do, while others maintain the illusion they wish they
were doing something else.

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Link of the moment : Seth Godin’s The making chasm

Since I am one of the people who fits into the category ofร‚ย  ‘wish to experience a lot of things but too lazy to do anything.’ ๐Ÿ™‚


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Product Lust: Incipio’s New Case

People keep telling me I need a case for my iPhone. I probably should but I haven’t. And the second one is showing some cracks AGAIN.ร‚ย  So the question is should I get this? And no, I don’t put my phone intoร‚ย  rear jean pockets.

Found on GeekSugar

The Incipio Feather iPhone Case ($20) might make me give up my current Incipio Sleeve, since this outer case is one of the first that’s not only super thin, but also says it’s super strong and light.

The ultrastrong polymer is the good-lookin’ Superman here, and so thin that it can be used with most docks.

Plus! Looks like it would slide right into a rear jean pocket.

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